Co-op Management Services


Good governance on the part of an educated board of directors leads to hiring skilled management, who will follow the direction of the board to help the co-op organize, prioritize, manage and plan for the future.

To quote CHF Canada’s paper on “Getting Management Right”...

 “Some housing co-ops think their members should do all the day-to-day work of managing the co-op.  Otherwise, they think, theirs is not a real co-op.  But no one ever said that being a co-op depends on who does the administration.

A real housing co-op is one where the members own the housing together for their mutual benefit.  They make decisions democratically for the good of the co-op and its community. They elect the board of directors to govern the co-op’s affairs.  And they follow the seven international co-op principles.  Having the members do the management isn’t one of them.”

By moving management to a professional organization, with staff trained in commercial and residential property management, a board demonstrates sound governance by ensuring the co-op’s day to day operations are being handled securely and efficiently, freeing the board and members up to build their community and make the important decisions that only members can make.


  • Continuity of services.  With a volunteer committee, turn-over is generally so high, that no long-term plans can be carried out and each new chair has to start from scratch.  A dedicated Property Manager will work with your board to ensure your community plans become a reality.

  • Fewer member conflicts.  When members are put in a position of having to manage their neighbours, there are bound to be personal conflicts.  An outside Property Manager is a neutral party.

  • Sound fiscal management.  A Property Manager sees the big picture and is able to recommend trades and services based on experience and ensure the co-op is only paying for work completed according to the co-op’s specifications.


Your FIRM Property Manager will work closely with your Board of Directors to ensure all aspects of your business are managed with professionalism.  Good management rests on three key components:

Maintenance & Project Coordination

  • Members can phone or email during regular business hours to reach the Property Manager with any questions or maintenance concerns or call Firm’s after-hours line for emergencies.

  • All calls are prioritized, then scheduled according to the co-op’s predetermined list of contractors, adhering to the co-op’s rules and policies.

  • Inspections are coordinated and performed for move-outs and move-ins.

  • Small to medium scale renovations (such as those taking place between move-ins) are coordinated to ensure minimal loss of income and maximum quality to members.

  • Large scale projects (such as roofing and building envelope work) are put out to tender, while the Property Manager facilitates communication between the co-op and contractors.

  • An annual maintenance schedule (including gutter cleaning, dryer vents and catch basins) is developed and adhered to.

  • Your Property Manager will communicate with members via phone, email and written notices as required to coordinate with members.

  • FIRM conducts ongoing research into the most cost-effective and high quality contractors and materials.

Bookkeeping & Finance

  • Housing charges are collected and arrears kept up-to-date according to the co-op’s rules and policies.

  • Your Property Manager will communicate with CMHC, The Agency and BC Housing (as applicable) to ensure adherence to your Operating Agreement and administer housing charge assistance.

  • Invoices are received at our office, verified by your Property Manager, logged and paid by our accounting team.

  • All daily banking activities are handled by our accounting team.

  • Your Property Manager with work with our accounting team to assist your co-op with annual budget preparation and auditor’s reports.

  • Your share register will be updated with each unit turn-over.

Administration & Board Support

  • Your Property Manager will attend board and general meetings as required to provide reports and answer questions.  They will also record meeting minutes and provide them in the co-op’s preferred format to members (eg: uploaded to the co-op’s website or printed).

  • Administration, such as preparation of registry filings and notices to members will be handled according to your board’s direction.

  • All mail and emails, including membership applications, will be received and processed, redirected or delivered as required.

At FIRM Management, we recognize that every co-operative community is unique, so we will tailor a service package to meet your needs and work with your existing service providers to ensure continuity of support.

We look forward to working with you!